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CFNAC Personal Training


Our Coaches will work with you one on one privately to help you achieve your specific goals.


Personal Training is an amazing option to help you get faster results, keep you motivated and to stay accountable. Our personal training is customized for every client. Whether your goal is to lose weight, gain strength, get into the best shape of your life, or sports specific training, we will ensure you reach it safely and break through your plateaus.

What do people say about CFNAC Personal Training?

Parveen Khan

Parveen Khan describes herself as a mom of three young children, makeup artist, avid gardener, holistic health & wellness advocate & a possibility seeker. Click here to read more! “Parveen Khan”

Jenn MacDougall

Jenn MacDougall describes herself as a mom of 2 trying to be as healthy and active as possible for herself and her children. She’s been doing personal training with Coach Jadzia Truszkowski since March of 2019. “My hour with Jadzia is the most pushing and satisfying hour of my week. I know I have pushed myself and achieved something whenever I leave our sessions. She has been a huge support through my training, and I look forward to seeing what I am capable of every time we meet.” Click here to read more! “Jenn MacDougall”

Jeremy Nixon

Jeremy Nixon describes himself as a husband, father, engineer – Trying to live his best life. He’s been doing personal training with Coach Raymond Parker for just under 1 year now. … “It helps keep me on track and focused. I gain knowledge and methods to target areas of weakness in ways I would have never contemplated. In the end, I’m achieving goals and making overall progress at a faster rate than on my own.” Click here to read more! “Jeremy Nixon”

Cathy Perciasepe

I am a 47 year female, wife and mother of 3 who can stand up and say without doubt that I am the fittest that I have ever been. I’ve learned how to balance between hitting my workouts, rest days and the importance of fueling my body. With all of the insights, knowledge and expertise, I have been able to successfully set achievable goals, hit my PRs, and grow more than what I ever thought I could. Click here to read more! “Cathy Perciasepe”

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