CrossFit Newmarket/Aurora Central New Programming Levels

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Competitive. Fitness. Foundations.

As of September 12th, these will be the new levels of programming we will be offering at CrossFit Newmarket/Aurora Central. I wanted to explain what each one is and whom each level is meant for.

The Competitive program will be designed around people who have the CrossFit Games Open as their major goal. We will vary the rep ranges and percentages based on how far away we are from the Open. We will rotate between higher reps to help you build muscle (Hypertrophy), medium reps to help you build strength (Strength), and lower rep ranges to prepare you to do your best when the Open comes around (Peaking). You should be proficient in all of the movements before attempting this programming.

The Fitness program will be designed for people who have no aspirations of competing but still want the full CrossFit experience. The rep ranges will not change as much and the overall goal is to make sure you are continually getting fitter. The difference between this and the Competitive programming is that we will not be focused on the end goal of a competition.

The Foundations programming will be designed to help any member (new and old) refine their technique. This will ensure we all move effectively, safely and efficiently before moving on to the fitness or competitive programming.

As with anything we value your feedback so please feel free to email me at or speak to any one of the staff to let us know what you think. We hope you enjoy it!