Only Losers Don’t Hydrate

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It has been HOT this week at the gym. Hot as hell.

While many of us crave the summer and love the heat, it is important to remember that we are all just basically walking, talking engines. You put fuel in, the motor spins up, energy is put out to do the things and then it falls back down to a cruise. Just like an engine, the quality of fuel matters. And just like an engine, the possibility of overheating is an issue.

Manning the bbq, sitting on the dock or walking the dog doesn’t necessarily put us at risk for a thermal explosion, but any high output activity (CrossFit, Spartan Racing, Aggressive Lawn Mowing, etc) will up the ante and the risk for heat stroke and its related conditions.

So! With this in mind, hydration is key. Enough liquids are imperative to keep us moving, to keep the joints lubricated and to keep the muscles from seizing. How much is enough you say? While opinions differ slightly across the health and fitness community, many health authorities recommend at least 8 glasses of water (8oz) per day which is around 2 litres. A full protein shaker bottle is 20oz (600mL) so just under 4 full bottles a day for reference.

Next week we’re going to talk some more about water, hydration and keeping the engine moving in the weekly video.

Teaser: Just because you’re drinking water all day, doesn’t necessarily mean you’re hydrated. Stay tuned for more!

In the mean time, keep it cool, drink your fluids and fuel the machine!

-Coach Jesse Kirkeby