Jenn MacDougall

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Jenn MacDougall describes herself as a mom of 2 trying to be as healthy and active as possible for herself and her children. She’s been doing personal training with Coach Jadzia Truszkowski since March of 2019.

What is the biggest thing you’ve learned from doing personal training? This could be either mental or physical (or both).
I’ve learned how far I am capable of pushing myself during workouts. I am able to keep moving during metcons, and I know what speed I can maintain when rowing or on the assault bike. Most importantly, I’ve learned to keep going when previously I would’ve wanted to quit or slow down.

How has doing personal training helped you to achieve your goals?
I’ve seen a huge improvement in my capacity to complete cardio workouts since I started working with Jadzia.

What type of person would you recommend personal training for?
I would recommend PT for anyone who has a weakness that they want to tackle head-on.

What made you decide that it would be a good decision to hire a personal trainer?
Coming out of the Open in March, I recognized that something that really held me back was my lack of conditioning. I am the type of person who will put the work in if someone is telling me what I need to do, so I knew I needed the direction of a personal trainer to help me reach my goals.

What doubts or hesitations did you have before hiring a personal trainer?
I knew hiring a personal trainer would be a little costly, but in the end, I decided my health will always be a worthwhile investment.

Did you consider alternatives? What other gyms did you consider/visit before choosing us? Which ones? Have you hired a personal trainer in the past?
I’ve tried a lot is different alternatives along the way. From regular gyms to other CrossFit gyms in the area. I have done shorter personal training sessions to focus on other deficiencies in the past, so I knew I would get out of it what I put in. I had already seen improvements in other areas since joining CFNAC but I wanted to see faster improvements in this case.

Where exactly did you hear about us?
I knew that the gym was in the area, but my chiropractor, who is also a member, recommended I try CFNAC because of the supportive community.

How would you describe your experience with your trainer to a friend?
My hour with Jadzia is the most pushing and satisfying hour of my week. I know I have pushed myself and achieved something whenever I leave our sessions. She has been a huge support through my training, and I look forward to seeing what I am capable of every time we meet.

What would you miss the most if you weren’t doing personal training?
I would miss the push and support from Jadzia. It stays with me through later workouts. If I can relate the daily WOD to a workout I have tackled with Jadzia, I can attack it with a game plan, which gives me a lot of confidence.

What are some things you would like to brag about that you’ve been able to accomplish because of personal training?
In January I completed a workout before joining CFNAC. It challenged and scared me at the time. Last week I decided to retest the same workout to see how much my work with Jadzia has improved my conditioning. I improved my time by over 4 minutes! I’m no longer that person who only wants to tackle the more strength-biased WODs.