Winning Is Sacrifice

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There is a marked difference between Winning and Playing.

On the surface, that remark may seem intuitive – “of course there’s a difference” you may say. Sometimes you win and sometimes you don’t. There can only be one winning team or individual.

What I’m getting at however is the inherent difference between being on the field for enjoyment and being there to GET something. To be the best. To be The One .

This past weekend, at the World Deadlift Competition, Englishman Eddie Hall broke the world record for deadlift by successfully tearing 500kg off the ground. 500 kg. Thats half a tonne. 1102 lbs. Below you can see the video and marvel at just how easy he actually made it look. In addition, you may also notice that he starts bleeding from the nose and falls unconscious after his lift. Afterwards he himself stated that the feat was “unhealthy.”

He also goes on to describe his pride in his accomplishment and perhaps even his willingness to defend the record should someone come along and outdo him. He is proud to be a part of history and determined to continue along his path toward his goal of World’s Strongest Man.

Now the knee-jerk reaction to this event MAY be a focus on the danger of the attempt, the admitted unhealthiness of the act and a bemused head shake following a comment of “I don’t understand why anyone would want to do something like that.” Bodybuilders routinely suffer this kind of scrutiny as well. A disconnect between the common fitness enthusiast and the elite level.

Whats important to remember however is that lifting half a tonne off the ground and wanting to shed a little fat for beach season are goals that differ in DEGREE but not KIND. If you want something that you don’t have, you either have to give up something in its place, or give more than you currently are. There are no shortcuts in this world. If there were, we would ALL have washboard abs AND be able to lift a small car off the ground like Eddie Hall.

Winning is Sacrifice. Obtaining a goal, whether big or small requires effort and dedication. It requires time and, more often than not, it requires discomfort. You have to decide if being comfortable is more important to you than being successful in your chosen endeavour. Think long and hard about it too, because while many pay lip service to being fine with mediocrity, it is the rare few who are content with being weak.

Fight for the things that you want.

-Coach Jesse Kirkeby