Kids Weightlifting Is Safe.

Dear Parents,

Did you know kids who weightlift are less likely to get hurt? That is just one of MANY reasons that kids should weightlift. Thank you for showing interest in registering your child for our kids’ fitness program. In this letter, there are many reasons why you might enrol your child to start their fitness journey!

Did you know that kids who weightlift do better in school? A recent study by Science Daily found that physically fit kids scored better on standardized math and English tests than their less-fit peers. 

If you have considered allowing your child to weight lift, you might have heard that weight lifting can stunt your growth. Not only does there not appear to be any evidence to support the argument that weight lifting can stunt a child’s growth, but most research shows that lifting weights during childhood can actually be helpful in a number of ways.

We learned from Crossfit Newmarket Aurora Central (CFNAC) when kids Crossfit and weight lift they develop self-accountability and confidence, which makes it less likely that they will suffer from anxiety and depression. They develop healthy habits that make them more likely to succeed in their future. They develop strength patterns and protective skills that will reduce their risk of getting bullied or hurt in sports. They are also building team working skills and developing leadership skills. They do this by helping their peers from a social distance and learning and inspiring with their coaches. 

According to Coach Andrea Kearns from CFNAC, some of the advantages kids have if they weightlift are body awareness, learning proper techniques on how to lift and move objects. They will also experience less injury while gaining strength. Other advantages besides physical would be increased confidence and also you’re learning a lot of new things.

Coach Andrea, also says something that you must remind your child about would be an injury. If your child is trying to do certain movements or lifting a certain amount of weight that they haven’t built up to overtime, it’s easy to get hurt when you rush or aren’t using the proper form. So that is why it’s great to have a coach with you, to help you learn as you go!

We have learned from Coach Ashley Jean, a former Crossfit Bradford coach, that kids as young as 3 years of age have started Crossfit. Weight lifting will come at an older age. It is recommended that kids focus less on weight and more on repetitions and quality of movement. It is important to check-in with your child to make sure they are enjoying the sport and the coach is helping them with their needs.

Coach Andrea says for any kids who are thinking of starting weight lifting the most important thing is to have fun! Exercise should be something that you enjoy, and lifting weights might not be everyone’s passion but she promises there are great benefits to doing it.

There are so many positive reasons why your child should weightlift. I hope you use this information to decide if this sport is right for your kid. I hope to workout with your child soon. 


Ava Avila

9 years of age  

A special thank you to Coach Ashley Jean & Coach Andrea Kearns for all the personal information that they gave to me to write this essay. 

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